Stay Positive, Test Negative!

Imagine sailing off and leaving all of the stress behind you?  Just you and your fellow escapees sitting at a harbour café, watching the world go by while you recharge the batteries ready for your next dream adventure.  Together we can make this happen! 

If 2020 and the amount of “free” and/or “isolated” time has taught me anything, it is to harness my time and use it to self-reflect, plan and develop for 2021.

What have we learnt in 2020?

If we at MH Bland Travel Services have learnt anything in 2020, it is that we have “preferred” partners for a reason.  Our strong relationships prevailed when it came down to issuing refunds and resolving disputes. We are glad you have all been extremely patient and trustworthy.

One aspect of our business which is out of any travel agents’ hands are airlines.  It is very important for you, moving forward, to truly understand that when booking a flight through a travel agent, the airlines terms and conditions apply, and we must follow their guidance and direction when it comes to flight changes, refunds, or credit.

The positive side of booking through us is, we have all the contacts to ensure you are protected when the unexpected happens.  Whatever the circumstances, you can be certain that the MHB travel team and I, have always and will always continue to work hard to provide you with the best service possible, and most importantly, to provide you with expert advice with the selection of operators, based on their flexible booking conditions.  We will do all the boring work for you, you can just relax, chill out, and look forward to travelling!

Looking forward to 2021?

Travel will look, feel and sound different in years to come and the way we think about travel won’t be the same.  We foresee more local travel i.e. within driving distance, and more nature-focused travel as people seek to avoid cities and crowds.  As my colleague Nena mentioned in last weeks letter, we are ready to offer you a full array of wellness holidays, which includes several categories:

  • Holistic Retreat
  • Physiotherapy Retreat
  • Healthy Aging Holiday
  • Menopause & Healthy Hormone Retreat
  • Post Cancer Retreat
  • Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Our team of travel experts have been busy finding new holidays with a twist, to give you peace of mind and in an effort to provide you with the best holiday style suited to your needs.  Watch this space as we expand…

Should I book now? Or wait and book later?

If you are like all my family, friends and myself, you are itching to travel, be it afar or close by, travel is travel.  In light of the pandemic, 2020 saw an influx in Villa bookings, in fact, this trend has already started for summer 2021.

For this reason we recommend you BOOK NOW and SAVE!  I urge you to contact one of our travel experts for advice.  Our operators provide extremely flexible booking terms, e.g. offering free cancellations, and changes to bookings with no charge!  In essence, you should book now to save on your future holiday.

We have already seen clients who missed out last year, booking villas for this summer as demand for the most popular villas are increasing.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing, family, friend, couple, and/or party get way, we have something for you.  Be it in Andalucía, Balearic Islands, Portugal, Greece just to name a few, we have you covered.

Thank you for your time and we are longing to welcome you back in our office so we can make your next dream holiday a reality.

Stay Positive & Test Negative.