Travel sustainably, travel responsibly.

It’s no secret that travel without conscience can result in a variety of negative impacts, both environmentally and socially. 

If you’re anything like us, you love to travel, but you’re looking for ways to make sure you can enjoy your journey consciously, sustainably and, hopefully, guilt-free! To travel is a privilege and should not only enrich your life but enrich the places and people that you visit too. When approached responsibly, travel and tourism become a powerful force for positive change, able to leave a lasting impact on both travellers and destinations alike. 

We all strive in our daily lives to do our bit for the planet; switching electronics and appliances off when we’re not using them, making the effort to recycle, saving water where possible and reducing single-use plastic to name a few. But how can these small but mighty efforts translate when you travel? 

From off-grid lodges and eco-certified hotels to tailored conservation projects and excursions, it’s both our commitment and our pleasure to help you organise your next adventure with sustainability in mind. Whether you’re simply looking to reduce your travel carbon footprint or embark on a fully immersive experience fostering connections with both the natural environment and local cultures, we can help.

Responsbible travel tips

Transport: Did you know travelling by train remains one of the greenest, most environmentally friendly modes of transport? Regardless of being electric or diesel-powered, trains emit between 66-75% less carbon emissions when compared to cars and airplanes. When possible, we encourage our clients to opt for trains instead of short haul flights. 

Lodging: Many accommodations rely on air conditioning and heating to keep rooms at pleasant temperatures, which is extremely energy-costly. We already include sustainable hotels in our responsible travel packages, reducing heating and air conditioning consumption as much as possible and replacing it with sustainable and environmentally friendly air conditioning systems, but the biggest differences can be made by turning off lights and electrical appliances when not in use or turning off heating or air conditioning when not using the room. Reusing towels can also save on energy consumed with laundry. 

Food & drink: Buying locally produced food and drink can greatly reduce tourist carbon footprint. By supporting local food businesses with local produce, you would not only be economically benefiting the community, but also eliminating any CO2 emissions caused by importing produce from overseas. 

Shopping: Buying items from local artisans and suppliers to support local communities rather than overseas brands. 

Waste: Why not use a reusable water bottle during your trip to help reduce plastic waste! Some of the hotels we offer on our platform already have a “No Single Use Plastic” Policy and provide reusable water bottles for their guests.