Introducing you to Carrier, one of our travel partners! Tailoring remarkable luxury travel experiences as well as fulfilling the dreams, goals & wishes of each and every individual.

Be-spoke, luxury holidays. From private jets to first class rail tickets, you name it & we will get the job done!

1) Book with confidence
For Carrier, arranging trips has always been more of an art than a science – a mix of insight, creativity and meticulous planning to ensure the whole experience is just as flawless as it is sensational, so rest assured you’re in the hands of exceptional people.
With our partners MHB Travel Services, we’re here to ensure your plans are safe, flexible and fully protected – we’ll save you the time and stress whilst guiding you safely to travelling once more.
When it comes to flexibility, financial protection and freedom to easily change your plans at short notice, our Travel Made to Order terms mean we’ve got that covered too.

2) We have the connections
The connections and relationships we have around the world should not be underestimated; securing premium rooms where others can’t, arranging exclusive use of a private hideaway, obtaining tables for hard to get dinner reservations or arranging access to unique and inspiring people.

3) The Carrier peace of mind
More time to decide, we’ll hold flight seats and rooms without deposit if you need a little more time to decide. You can cancel with 100% refund, no questions asked.

4) Concierge Service: Your Essential Covid Travel Guide
Carrier have adapted and improved their pre-travel Concierge Service to expertly guide you on the latest rules around international travel, quarantine, and vaccination/test certificates; whilst keeping you well informed of the safety measures in place during your journey and at the destination. This is a complimentary service that will save you time and alleviate any anxiety you may be feeling as your holiday approaches.
From crafting your Holiday, Destination Wedding or Honeymoon, to your return home, we’ve got you covered.

5) Private journeys
For those looking for the ultimate in travel exclusivity, together with Carrier we facilitate more private pathways for our clients. From private jets, security fast-track, private check-in to your own departure lounge and the option to board first or last, we work closely with exclusive airport service providers around the globe to enhance your safety and minimise your journey time.

6) Go beyond
Carrier experiences go beyond the expected or traditional to offer you something truly unique. Whether this is avoiding the tourist crowds with an after-hours tour of the Vatican or polar bear trekking with expedition leaders, we curate your experiences to defy the ordinary and provide you with memories and stories that you’ll share for years to come.