We have some exciting news!

MH Bland Travel Services have officially partnered up with  NGO which is committed to provide a free Ambulance & Patient Transport service to pregnant women and children under 5.

MH Bland Travel Services alongside  have joined forces to be able to provide official EU Covid Pass conversions for a £30 fee.

Our agents at the Travel Services office will be able to convert your Gibraltar Covid Pass to an official EU Pass. We are conscious that in specific EU countries it is a mandatory requirement to show your EU Covid Pass to be able to enter venues.

All you have to do is come see us & we will take care of the necessary steps!

MH Bland Travel Services: Ground Floor, Cloister Building, Market Lane

This will alleviate any concerns and you will be able to travel stress free.

If you are looking to find out more about EEA International’s project and how to engage or donate please visit their website www.eeai.eu.