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Enjoy a 13 night cruise around Asia onboard Celebrity Millennium. 

Day 1: Singapore

Day 2: At sea 

Day 3: Phuket, Thailand 

Day 4: Phuket, Thailand 

Day 5: Phuket, Thailand 

Day 6: Penang, Malaysia

Day 7: Penang, Malaysia

Day 8: Port Klang, Malaysia

Day 9: At sea

Day 10: At sea

Day 11: Celukan Bawang, Indonesia

Day 12: Lombok, Indonesia

Day 13: Benoa, Bali, Indonesia

Day 14: Benoa, Bali, Indonesia


Day 1 (Embark)

Time : 4:00 pm


At first glance, this diamond-shaped island just off the coast of Malaysia gleams with modernism and commercialism, making it seem more Western than Eastern. But as you continue to discover the city-state, you'll uncover the eclectic mix of cultures, religions, ancient treasures and British colonial impressions that give rise to a unique Singaporean identity. The cultural fusion is perhaps best expressed in Singapore's unofficial language, Singlish, a unique patois of English, Chinese and Malay.
Head downtown to Las Olas Boulevard, paralleling New River, to sip lattes in outdoor cafés, shop chic boutiques, and catch concerts at the performing arts center. Stop at Stranahan House, the city's oldest structure, built in 1901 as a trading post and preserved as a museum, or explore a whole village of historic buildings at History Fort Lauderdale. Join a Segway tour along the river or a waterborne cruise of Millionaire's Row.

Day 2

Time : 12:30 pm

At sea

Days 3 & 4

Time : 7:00 am

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand's largest and most visited island, Phuket, offers gorgeous beaches lined with palm trees, plus fabulous coves and bays. Water sports include sailing, diving, and snorkeling. Golf enthusiasts will love the championship courses, while nature lovers will be thrilled by the tropical forests and waterfalls. Tour historic mansions and top off the day enjoying the extensive nightlife.
Launch your snorkeling adventure from a luxurious catamaran. Swim right through the World War II naval vessel USS Kittiwake, now a shallow artificial reef. Finish with leisurely sunbathing and cool cocktails. Swim with the denizens of Stingray City in the crystalline waters of Coral Reef Gardens. After snorkeling with the graceful rays, recharge with an island barbecue on Seven Mile Beach. You'll shop till you drop in the duty-free boutiques of George Town. Find gifts for everyone—including yourself—like china, crystal, jewelry, antiques, and resort wear by renowned designers.

Conch shells were the homes of tasty mollusks. Try Cayman conch in salads, chowders, and fritters. Cruises to Grand Cayman Islands are not complete without a sample of the rich Caribbean curries, and don't miss the fresh produce: coconut, cassava, and plantains. For dessert, have some rum cake.

Day 5

Time : 12:00 pm

Langkawi, Malaysia

Let your imagination soar among the many magical myths and legends surrounding the 99 islands of Langkawi. Replete with ancient geological wonders like mysterious caves and mist-enrobed mountains, this premier vacation spot is a spectacular tropical paradise. The Pulau Payar Marine Park, located about 19 miles south of Langkawi, has everything from long, sandy white beaches and crystal-clear water to lush rain forests and exotic vegetation. The park includes an underwater coral garden, where you can swim and snorkel amidst multi-colored fish.
Go cruise shopping for beautiful Mexican silver, amber, and other artisanal gifts in San Miguel. Or, hop a ferry to charming Playa del Carmen, on the mainland, and stroll along la Quinta Avenida for more inviting restaurants, bars, and shops. Down the coast from Playa, you can explore the ancient Maya city of Tulum, perched impressively on a cliff, overlooking the brilliant sea and powdery beach below. Cozumel cuisine means fresh seafood. Savor the catch of the day served on a banana leaf, or enjoy it marinated in lime juice, cilantro, onion, and tomato. Of course, this is the place for Mexican classics like tacos, guacamole—and margaritas.

Days 6 & 7

Time : 7:00 am

Penang, Malaysia

Often called the "Pearl of the Orient," this northern gateway to Malaysia is the country's oldest British settlement. Although this city is best known for its breathtaking beaches, sites such as Khoo Kongsi, a well-preserved ancestral Chinese clan house, and the Butterfly Farm, the world’s first tropical live butterfly exhibition, must-sees on the list for this amazing destination. Also visit Kek Lok Si Temple, one of the finest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, featuring among other things, a tortoise sanctuary.

Day 8

Time : 9:00 am

Port Klang, Malaysia

Less than an hour from the Port is bustling Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's modern capital city. It rose up from the forbidding jungle terrain to become one of the most fascinating architectural landscapes on earth. A blend of native Malaysian, Chinese Imperial, and European influences has created a city that is as breathtakingly beautiful as it is alive with culture. Replete with fine dining, a fertile arts community and plenty of nightlife, Kuala Lumpur has earned a reputation as a must-see world destination.
Cruise to Bahamas and discover the lost city of Atlantis on Paradise Island, connected by a bridge to Nassau. You can visualize the mythical streets of Atlantis at Ruins Lagoon and stroll underwater tunnels with the sharks at Predator Lagoon.Also on paradise Island, you can wade through waist-high water and make a personal connection intelligent, gentle dolphins. Get face to face. Hear their vocalizations. See the excitement on their faces. The shallow-water experience is one of several at Dolphin Cay, an accredited marine mammal habitat with an 11-acre lagoon, coves and sandy beaches, residential pools, and a state-of-the-art education center.

Hop on a ferry to Blue Lagoon Island for a deluxe beach break. Unwind and settle into a hammock. Bask in warm golden sunshine and tranquil Atlantic waters. Watch the palm trees sway and the dolphins play. It's a day of pure bliss. Browse the duty-free shops and Nassau Straw Market downtown. You'll find authentic Cuban cigars and one-of-a-kind artworks. Watch the artisans weave their intricate straw hats, bags, and other mementos, using techniques passed down over centuries. On vibrant Bay Street, find duty-free deals and colorful architecture. On Paradise Island, across the bridge, shop for couture and upscale brands.

Nassau’s culinary bounty emerges from the ocean—dishes like fried snapper served with grits and grouper drizzled with butter. Try conch, the marine mollusk of the iconic shell, presented as conch fritters, conch chowder, cracked conch, even raw conch in fresh lime juice. Peas and rice is the staple side dish, and rum-based beverages are always popular.

Days 9 & 10

Time : 8:00 am

At Sea

Day 11

Celukan Bawang, Indonesia

On a Southeast Asia cruise, immerse yourself in Bali’s deep cultural roots with a visit to the old historic capital of Singaraja. Here, Dutch colonial architecture and Balinese beauty blend seamlessly. Discover hundreds of wild tropical bird species and reef fish in West Bali National Park. Learn about traditional Balinese customs and culture in the hill village of Munduk, surrounded by waterfalls and mountain trails and close to Bali’s most famous temple, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, set in a serene lake.

Day 12

Lombok, Indonesia

On the serene Indonesian island of Lombok, you’ll find that time seems to stand still. From breathtaking tropical waterfalls like Tiu Kelep to towering volcanoes and the coconut-strewn sandy beaches of the Gili Islands, unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes abound here. The people of Lombok are known for their hospitality and their synchronicity with the natural world. You’ll find amazing island surf spots next to welcoming fishing villages, hikes through rainforests, secluded beaches, coral reefs, and superb day spas where you can try traditional treatments. Rejuvenate your spirit and marvel at the lush natural beauty of Indonesia on a luxury cruise to Lombok with Celebrity Cruises.

Days 13 & 14

Benoa, Bali, Indonesia

Enjoy a 13 night cruise around Asia calling at Singapore, Phuket, Langkawi, Penang, Port Klang, Celukan Bawang, Lombok, and Benoa. 

December 2025 from $1,196 per person. 

December 2025 from $1,196 per person