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19th November – 1st December 2024

Antarctic Explorer on the Viking Polaris is a thrilling expedition to the icy continent. The voyage aboard the Polaris offers an unparalleled adventure, complete with expert guides and state-of-the-art facilities. Witness breathtaking landscapes, encounter unique wildlife, and delve into the wonders of Antarctica's pristine environment. This extraordinary journey provides an educational and unforgettable experience for explorers of all ages, showcasing the beauty and fragility of this remote region while maintaining the utmost respect for its preservation.

  • Viking Polaris ship 
  • 13 Days 
  • Ushuaia, Argentina
  • From £9,400 

Day 1: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Day 2: Ushuaia, Argentina

Day 3: Sail Drake Passage

Day 4-10: Explore Antarctica

Day 11: Sail Drake Passage

Day 12: Scenic Sailing: Cape Horn

Day 13: Ushuaia, Argentina 


Day 1

Date : 19/11/2024

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Check-in to your Buenos Aires hotel, a city of Latin and European fusion with Spanish, French, and Italian influences. Discover tree-lined streets, postcolonial architecture, and vibrant nightlife. Each barrio exudes an intimate atmosphere, with historic San Telmo's cobblestone streets and Belle Époque buildings resonating with tango's mesmerizing melodies, showcasing the city's bohemian flair.

Day 2

Date : 20/11/2024

Ushuaia, Argentina

After breakfast, check out and board your charter flight to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. Nestled between the Beagle Channel and the Andes' southern slopes, it exudes an outpost atmosphere, bustling with Antarctic explorers preparing for expeditions. Ushuaia is the gateway to Tierra del Fuego, the "Land of Fire," known for its unspoiled beauty, including the large island of Tierra del Fuego and numerous Chilean and Argentine islands.

Day 3

Date : 21/11/2024

Sail Drake Passage

The Drake Passage, named after Sir Francis Drake, spans 600 miles from Cape Horn to Livingston Island. Enjoy delectable cuisine onboard, with options like traditional Norwegian dishes at Mamsen's casual gourmet deli, available all day and night. Savor authentic Italian fare at Manfredi's Italian Restaurant, featuring dishes like Milanese risotto and Tuscan-inspired classics.

Day 4-10

Date : 27/11/2024

Explore Antarctica

Antarctica, an ethereal and majestic wonder, has captivated explorers and adventurers throughout history. Its icy wilderness showcases glimmering icebergs in serene bays and snow-cloaked mountains emerging from basalt cliffs. Witness tranquil scenes of fur seals resting on floating ice sheets and experience breathtaking drama as glaciers thunderously calve into the sea. These cold, nutrient-rich waters invite encounters with humpback, fin, and giant blue whales, who gracefully greet expedition ships that venture into their habitat. Antarctica's awe-inspiring landscapes offer a rare blend of tranquility and thrilling encounters with nature's grandeur.

Day 11

Date : 28/11/2024

Sail Drake Passage

The Drake Passage, infamous for its rough seas, challenges sailors with massive waves and hurricane-force winds. Yet, in The Living Room, guests find solace, bonding over classical music and soothing ambiance. Savor a coffee or cocktail, making the journey enjoyable despite the icy conditions.

Day 12

Date : 29/11/2024

Scenic Sailing: Cape Horn

Cape Horn, named after Hoorn in The Netherlands, rises at the convergence of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This remote and treeless place in the Hermite Islands archipelago is Antarctica's southernmost point. Its Jurassic volcanic rock massif holds a historic lighthouse, a symbol of assurance and safety for sailors since 1991, standing as the world's southernmost traditional-style lighthouse.

Day 13

Date : 01/12/2024

Ushuaia, Argentina

Known as the "city at the end of the world," Ushuaia is a breath-taking destination surrounded by Andean peaks, pristine lakes, and boreal forests. Though 600 miles from Antarctica, its port is the closest to the "Last Continent," making it an ideal starting point for exploration. Antarctica's majestic landscape allures adventurers with packed ice plains, rugged mountains, and abundant wildlife like whales, seals, and various penguin species. After disembarking, transfer to the airport, bid farewell to fellow travellers, and journey home from Buenos Aires.

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