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Embark on a captivating 15-night Mediterranean and Greek Isles voyage aboard the luxurious Queen Victoria. Setting sail from Southampton, UK, this remarkable journey takes you to enchanting destinations such as Seville (Cadiz), Granada (Malaga), and Palma de Mallorca in Spain. Revel in the opulence and comfort of the Queen Victoria as you explore historic sites in Rome, Rhodes, Ephesus, and Istanbul, and traverse the storied Dardanelles Strait. Experience an unparalleled blend of exploration and elegance on this unforgettable journey.

  • Queen Victoria
  • 15 nights
  • 05th May 2024
  • From £1,549 per person

Ports of Call: Southampton, UK – Seville (Cadiz), Spain – Granada (Malaga), Spain – Palma de Mallorca, Majorca, Spain – Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy – Transit Messina Strait, Italy – Rhodes, Greece – Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey – Dardanelles Strait, Turkey – Istanbul, Turkey


Day 1

Southampton, England, UK

Nestled in Hampshire, Southampton is a dynamic waterfront city offering easy access to London via direct trains, an airport, and a cruise terminal. Immerse yourself in maritime history at the Sea City Museum, explore contemporary art in the Cultural Quarter, or stroll medieval walls in the Old Town, discovering the Tudor House and Garden. Nearby, The New Forest, Winchester Cathedral, Stonehenge, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, and the Isle of Wight await. Indulge in the city’s bustling craft beer and culinary scene for a satisfying experience.

Day 2-3

At Sea

Day 4

Seville (tours from Cadiz), Spain

Enchanting and steeped in history, Cadiz is a unique Spanish city dating back to 1100 BC, possibly the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement. This island-like gem boasts winding streets, lively bars, and scenic beaches. From the striking Catedral de Cadiz to the captivating Casa del Obispo museum, history and arts enthusiasts are in for a treat. The city's renowned Los Carnavales, a two-week carnival celebrating wit and irreverence, adds to its vibrant character. Rehearsals and contests keep the spirit alive year-round, making Cadiz a constant carnival haven.

Day 5

Granada (tours from Malaga), Spain

Renowned as Picasso's birthplace, Malaga's allure has drawn explorers, merchants, and artists for centuries. A cosmopolitan city shaped by diverse influences, Malaga has witnessed the imprints of many cultures. Just north lies the lively Granada, home to the exquisite Alhambra Palace and Gardens. Set against a picturesque backdrop of plains and mountains, the palace offers a unique blend of history and beauty, a testament to the city's vibrant past.

Day 6

At Sea

Day 7

Palma de Mallorca, Majorca, Spain

Situated off Spain's coast, Palma de Mallorca boasts historical architectural wonders, captivating natural beauty, and a fusion of modernity and medieval charm. The city centre offers a vibrant immersion in history, culture, and scents. As you dock at the port, a 15-minute drive or a 45-minute stroll leads you to this dynamic hub. The turquoise bay reveals glimpses of the island's golden beaches and swaying palm trees. From tranquil coves to expansive sandy shores like Playa de Moro and Palma Nova, the sun-soaked Mediterranean delights. Indulge in Mallorca cuisine, savouring Spanish and Balearic flavours with meats, seafood, and local delicacies like the spreadable sobrassada sausage.

Day 8

At Sea

Day 9

Rome (tours from Civitavecchia), Italy

Embark on a Mediterranean cruise to Rome, starting from Civitavecchia, and unveil Italy's allure. Discover the Vatican, Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Catacombs. Disembark in Civitavecchia, a Mediterranean gem, gateway to history, scenic beauty, and unforgettable cuisine.

Day 10

Transit Messina Strait, Italy (Cruise-by)

Traverse the mesmerizing Strait of Messina, a passage between Sicily and Calabria, teeming with Greek lore, seasonal wildlife migrations, and intriguing mirages. This narrow strait, spanning just 3 kilometres, links the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea, harbouring over 300 bird species on their journeys and showcasing remarkable biodiversity. Encounter annual swordfish migrations, vibrant flamingos, storks, and raptors, all against the backdrop of the legendary Scylla and Charybdis tale.

Day 11

At Sea

Day 12

Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes awaits with open arms, offering breath-taking landscapes and pristine beaches. According to myth, Apollo bestowed sunshine and beauty upon this island. Immerse in its history, from the awe-inspiring Colossus of Rhodes, a Wonder of the Ancient World, to the Grand Master's Palace renowned for its exquisite mosaic floors. Come experience the allure first-hand.

Day 13

Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey

Embark on a Kusadasi cruise, a realm of pilgrimage, enigma, and legend. This land, once ruled by Greeks and Romans, unveils ancient cities and temples dating back to 300 BC. Explore historic treasures like Ephesus' Hadrian’s Temple and Celsius Library, step into the hills of Selcuck to glimpse the final abode of the Virgin Mary, and witness Priene's Temple of Apollo's grandeur. Immerse in a journey through time.

Day 14

Dardanelles Strait, Turkey (cruise-by)

Navigate the Dardanelles Strait, linking the Aegean Sea to the Sea of Marmara in Turkey's west, aboard your Cunard Queen. Behold historic shores adorned with castles, where civilizations have flourished. This vital waterway holds maritime significance, renowned for its iconic voyage. Alongside lies the Gallipoli Peninsula, etched into history by World War I's Gallipoli Campaign. Heroism emerged amidst the tragedy as Ottoman forces thwarted Allied landings, birthing the legendary reputation of the Anzacs in the sands of Anzac Cove.

Day 15

Istanbul, Turkey

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From £1,549 per person